Gravity and Time Relationships

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Gravity and Time Relationships

Postby muon200 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:14 pm

Executive Summary
Gravity is explained. Time is growing so space is shrinking into masses.

Gravity is modeled as a fundamental force which is created by a duality involving time and space. Time is growing and emerging from a "wellspring" so that space is shrinking into a "well". A frame of reference can be constructed which is in free fall. Many frames are modeled as freely falling into a shrinking space. Frames are being withdrawn by masses. Space is shrinking there. Times emerge for massive clocks. The elementary particles are making the well of gravity as they consume space and pass time.

The quantum aspect of gravity is explained using the advantageous balance of the duality. The great times we are having are only affordable through the small sacrifices that are used by quantum particle disembodiment when space is consumed. The frames of reference for free falls are consumed by material quarks and leptons and they are not replenished as more space. It is time's duality which balances the universe to conserve things. It is a winner's bargain where a little gravity lets the good times roll. The tiny frames are a small price to pay for such abundant times.

Gravity is caused by space frames of reference shrinking towards masses. Comets in free fall are drawn towards masses while remaining at rest, relative to some of the myriads of frames of reference. Those frames are at a quantum scale of size and are destined to be consumed by particles of matter. These frames of reference may be considered to be an ether that is not conserved unless the conversion to growing times is taken into account.

The total is zero. Conservation is complete. Or not. You be the judge.
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Re: Gravity and Time Relationships

Postby muon200 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 1:00 am

Here are some more details about this gravity theory.

Background Material
The space-time continuum is considered to be involved in gravity. Mass was considered by Newton and Einstein to be causing gravity at a magnitude that was never derived, but the magnitude of G was only measured. The new ideas of Joy Christian include the words about a "Growth Vector Field" of time. With those background ideas, I have made a new proposal about gravity, as described on September 28, 2014 in this Sci Physics Forum.

Review from the Previous Post (9/28/14).
Time is growing and space is shrinking near masses. This is gravity. This gravity causes objects to move towards masses. The free fall frames of reference are being consumed by masses while time is growing there. The space-time continuum is conserved by the loss of space and the gain of time.

New Details
The space frames of reference for free fall (frames) must apply for any velocity of a moving object. So as the frames are collectively shrinking towards a mass, an infinite variety of frame velocities must be available for slow comets and fast cosmic ray particles to be in relative free fall. The consumption of frames must create acceleration of objects that are going at any velocity. Space can be given new mathematical desciptions to specify so many frames and to be quantized. Each frame is a dynamic frame, not a static frame, so that acceleration is forced for objects going at any speed.

Red Shift and Expansion
The universe appears to be expanding, not shrinking. This might be explained by the shrinking space near us and the less shrinking volumes between distant galaxies. The space is not conserved as masses consume space, so the local universe has less space. Intergalactic spaces have not be shrunk much. In total, the distant galaxies are not being shrunk towards us, but they only shrink locally. This means we shrink and the distant galaxies are unchanging. The illusion of distant expansion is really local shrinkage.

In the Limit
In the long term, known space is all consumed and time has grown into eternity. If space is infinite, the lost space is replenished from a distance beyong our known universe so new space falls into the masses. If space is not infinite, frame stretching might occur or the frames would be all consumed and replaced by pure time.
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