First direct evidence of cosmic inflation

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First direct evidence of cosmic inflation

Postby gris » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:20 pm

Postby gris » Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:24 am

"Since the cosmic microwave background is a form of light, it exhibits all the properties of light, including polarization. On Earth, sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere and becomes polarized, which is why polarized sunglasses help reduce glare. In space, the cosmic microwave background was scattered by atoms and electrons and became polarized too."

Well then this is consistent with tired photons ... 2401,d.d2k

Tired photons that point towards Champagne bubble cosmology as I predicted elsewhere on another site: that an anomaly should be seen akin GR from distant light from one side of a distant galaxy in reference to the other side. Light doesn't travel in a straight line and thus becomes red-shifted. The further off the more clear it becomes. No gravity needed. Because it curves it seems to come from all directions, hence the illusion. The BB is "below us" we just don't know yet where "below" is.

Our visible universe is probably part of a whopping hollow sphere we are in the crust of that. (Crust like a glacier moving inward, parts in spin moving outward. I.e.Champagne bubble top down and angular momentum to the sides for observed galaxies) The core is like the earths core. It shoots galaxy sized yet to form lumps into the crust where it starts to form strings. This is what we observe as the BB. The expanding universe illusion is like Champagne bubbles. No strings forming particles move faster than c in the double dynamic crystal of the crust. See post 42. Yet they can't travel in an absolutely straight line and thus get red-shfted in order to hold c in the curve. Like a car curving in at twice the Newton value due to acceleration in the crystal: hence waves and getting unwound i.e. red-shifted. Even in "SR space" outside gravitational fields. This observation is direct evidence of what I'm on about.

Like all nature it probably is a cyclic Yin and Yang affair built up of the same stuff in and out of spin: hence the something from noting illusion. Ultimately in part unproven metaphysics yet you can get to integrating GR & QM quicker by integrating properly.

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