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Factoring f : the force of gravity

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:03 pm
by muon200
The way I wish the World would work.

by Alan Charles Folmsbee
Master of Science Degree in Engineering 1989
University of Connecticut at Storrs

The Mastime-Spacevar Theory of Herenowium and Gravatlarge with Subtime Resonance in Spacevar
(MSTHGSRS) Mist Higgs RS


The force of gravity f is as Newton said and I have now factored it into the two insightful factors:

f = mastime x spacevar

mastime = (Mm/sqrt(4.4180564 nanoseconds) ) x (1/kg second^1.5)

spacevar = (pi r/R^2) x cuberoot(4pi/3) x (square meters)

M is mass of Earth
m is a mass
R is Radius of Earth
r is radius of proton
4.4ns is tau
tau was confirmed within 2% by an independent estimate using the number of hadrons on Earth.


spacevar = (13.159472 x r/R^2) x (square meters)

Although spacevar shows no external time factor, inside the Hadron, a subtime dimension unit is in resonance. This is in pseudo-conformity with the Minkowski quasi-Pythagerian calculations of time as an imaginary actor. Also this subtime proposal is in harmony with the exponent 1.5 for seconds and the sqrt(4ns). This quantum resonance links gravity with Higgs Mass Creation Field magic. This gravatlarge field is articulated with immense precis...

That is hoped to cover the way atoms process continuum so that they shrink space and grow time.

It is clear that the ratio of proton radius to Earth Radius is a nuclear effect with chemical atomic involvement. The gravatlarge is the opposite measurement strategy from that used with the microscope. Not a telescope. The big picture. The involvement of the atomic size compared to the hadron size in spacevar is perhaps a ratio of a time delay in The Gravatlarge Field.

spacevar == 13 square meters per r/R^2

This gives insight to the knowledgeable.

Re: Factoring f : the force of gravity

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:57 pm
by muon200
spacevar == 13 square meters per r/R^2

This gives insight for development of muon micro-laboratory apparatus factory investment for my impending staff facilities here. Aloha! Vife is good in this rain at 79 degrees. It is 200 times smaller than life. Its volume is cube that, 200*200*200 ?
You do the math.

Those new items are very small but they are just as heavy as bacteria. It is by means of these muonic apparati they we can soon explore deep withing mantle of the Earth.

Re: Factoring f : the force of gravity

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:09 pm
by muon200

spacevar == (13 square meters) x (r/R^2)
error said "per"

As was mentioned, the insides of a hadron are normally not accessible from the outside. This is shown in spacevar where time is not mentioned. Inside the hadron, time is present in continuum which has no boundary to stop its flow from the hadron as the F-C Theory implies. That is one of the articulated Herenowium functions for protons and neutrons. A resonance is coupling the Higgs magic inside the hadron through subtime effects. The time exponents of mastime are 1/2 and 1.5 in The Factored Newtonian Gravitational Force Equation (FNGFE). Those times with fractional exponents are called subtimes.

f = spacevar x mastime
That is the FNGFE, fingfee. In that f is the force of gravity.

The mastime part of the force resonates with the internal, hidden, spacevar subtime. This is how Higgs Mass has a hook for Herenowium to use for gravity. This is the way I wish the world worked. Newton has been obsoleted. Join with me as we get to power to the galaxies afar. Zife is almost ready to go.