The Primitive Force Equation for Gravity

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The Primitive Force Equation for Gravity

Postby muon200 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 1:05 pm

This equals Newton’s Equation!

This formula emphasizes pi and roots of constants and variables. Newton’s old formula is at its skeleton. The powers in the equation are these powers


This is the only basic equation in the history of physics to use so many primitive powers, constants, and units.

force of gravity is f

f = (pi^(4/3)/sec^(3/2))((4/3)^(1/3))/(4ns)^(1/2)) x (Mmr)/(R^2 x kilogram)

This has irrational meanings to the geometer. Alan Folmsbee, Master of Science. For example, only low integers are needed for the equations and documentation! Base 4!!!! 0,1,2,3,4,5 That is all in my written essay! (Except the 3.88 nanosecond tau. But I expect that is also converging some new, undiscovered integer-related function...

written another way

f = abMmr/(cdRR kilogram)

a = pi to power 1.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
b = cube root 4/3
M = mass of Earth
m = mass of a test item
r = proton radius
c = seconds to the power 3/2
d = square root of 3.88 nanoseconds
RR is Radius Squared
R is radius distance from center of M to m
kilogram is a unit dimension of measure

written on 3 lines as a fraction

(pi^4/3) (cube root 4/3) (Mmr)
f = ________________________________________________
(seconds ^3/2) (square root 3.88ns) (RR kg)


I find that formula to be intriguing. It suggests a hyper geometry at the hand of a joker. Look at that list of powers! If that does not hint at some deep profound firmament, then I would be crestfallen.
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Re: The Primitive Force Equation for Gravity

Postby muon200 » Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:01 pm

Correction, the units were missing for square meters, so here it is added.

(pi^4/3 sq. meter) cuberoot( 4/3) Mmr
f = _____________________________________
(seconds ^3/2) squareroot(3.88ns) RR kg

A scientist called me on the phone and wants me to address the pi fiasco in which I ad hoc multiplied it by pi to fit data. I was rude, but honest. I will review a possible post-justification as a "unit sphere".

He was also critical of me sprinkling so many constants together with no variables or explanations. I already explained it, but here is the fun version!

I wanted to jam the proton volume and 4ns grow time in a gravity frustum numerical calculation. A mental calculation showed a promising ratio for that and the force. The several of my imagined ratios involved a cube root and a square root and the magiatudes of the exponents would be tamed into "range". The numbers fit! My memory is vivid on that guess. The volume of a proton is 4/3 pi r cubed. That is where those come from! I collected "pi" terms into one, instead of two: in a radical and out.

Alan Folmsbee 1-808-283-3092 cell phones are all recorded at Corporate.

f = GMm/RR
by Newton, 1684
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Re: The Primitive Force Equation for Gravity

Postby muon200 » Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:51 am

Looking at the Primitive Equation, the denominator is this :

kilogram (seconds to 3/2 power) (sqrt(tau)) R^2

The tau time balance value of 3.88 nanoseconds is proposed to be a Universal Constant which is under scrutiny now.


Those time values I have used in tau calculations. Possible arithmatic errors were noted by a scientist who called on the telephone.
1-808-283-3092 . Alan Folmsbee, Hawaii.

For example,

volume of proton = 4/3 (pi) r^3

In the primitive equation for gravitational force, I have constants which were a part of that, but may have been erroneously handled.

When I took the cube root of volume, the r^3 went well but the 4pi/3 was also rooted at 1/3 power That possible error could affect tau. Other examples were given on the telephone where my arithmetic may be sub-standard. I take those errors seriously and the tau is in jeapardy until those errors are identified.

tau is the Universal Constant of the Conservation of Hadronic Continuum

when tau passes, each hadron consumes its own volume from Herenowium. That starts a sequence of space shell motions which are gravity. Tau is grown from atoms into outer space as diffusion takes over and the dense time on Earth naturally flows from the gradient. Space flows inward and those two flows cause acceleration of comets.

The numerator in the Primitive Equation is this:

(pi to power 4/3) square meters (cuberoot(4/3)) Mmr

The denominator is this
kilogram (seconds to 3/2 power) (sqrt(tau)) R^2

Force is the ratio

(pi to power 4/3) square meters (cuberoot(4/3)) Mmr

kilogram (seconds to 3/2 power) (sqrt(tau)) R^2

Wow, it is so primitive! Is G really equal to that stuff? Yes. Pay me. I need more cars. And not one of your shrunken cars, I want an unshrunken intergalactic transport vehicle. In this lifetime! Do I have to build it myself? OK, I am starting...

That Primitive Equation is so simple, it must be true!

Say it to me.
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