Funding application for Extended Rishon Model (fxqi/fff)

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Funding application for Extended Rishon Model (fxqi/fff)

Postby lkcl » Sat Dec 30, 2017 11:57 pm

is anybody interested to join a proposal for a part-fime LARGE funding application to work on looking for the mistakes in Dr Randall Mill's GUTCP work, correcting and extending them, with a view to placing some mathematical teeth behind the Extended Rishon Model? there will be a lot of scope for broad flexibility within that, such as drawing in the "Pieces of E8" work, Joy and Freddi's work, Jay Yablon's work and so on.

one of the requirements that i will insist on is, after seeing how successful Jay Yablon, Carl Brannen and others have been able to communicate and write *understandable* human-readable papers, that everyone within the group shall *publicly* discuss development of ideas in open forums. at least two of the people so far are software libre developers so setting up the server infrastructure to allow development *to* take place in public can be taken care of immediately and without fuss.

anyone interested, please do reply here and also email me under the subject "FQXI/FFF ERM proposal". the initial deadline is *FEBRUARY 1st 2018* and you will need to send me a C.V. and a list of publications (or enough information to be able to find them).

it is entirely possible to be flexible, here. jay, joy and freddi, your work which *definitely* includes signs that i can intuitively tell are part of the larger picture, can and should be loosely interpreted to qualify under what i propose we apply for. in particular, the fact that Dr Randall Mills has worked entirely in the *classical* domain, applying Special Relativity *where needed* and also making judicious use of *FFT* as opposed to moving EVERYTHING to the frequency domain (which is basically what QM is), should be explored urgently, to find the missing link between the two worlds. somewhere there will be a link.

it is however very important to recognise that this is to be *part-time* funding, and that it *will* be entirely online, *including* pre-publication discussion and actual public collaborative *online* development of the actual papers. "publication" in peer-reviewed journals that REQUIRE secrecy and non-disclosure will thus be made both totally irrelevant, and also not be possible to use.
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