successful ERM triple-superposition of udu quarks (video)

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successful ERM triple-superposition of udu quarks (video)

Postby lkcl » Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:03 am

it took a while: i realised that the superposition can't be done in 2D (i.e. not on the same Great Circle). instead you have to start from the z-axis (upright) starting position, and the three quarks go out each at 120 degrees latitude, equidistantly spaced.

due to the properties of an equilateral triangle the two up quarks sum fascinatingly to a single up quark of exactly the same magnitude and phase, *back* overlaying *exactly* the position of the down quark. but there is a slight problem: those don't come out to a proton.

... however... if you phase-delay the down quark by 180 degrees, then because the quarks are spin-1/2 (represented by mobius strips), that actually results in the down quark's elliptical polarisation axis being rotated by NINETY degrees, and now that *does* come out, when summed with the up-superposition, to the expected proton's elliptical polarisation axis vector.

finally, finally there is progress.

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