Bell’s Theorem Refuted Irrefutably on Bell’s Own Terms

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Bell’s Theorem Refuted Irrefutably on Bell’s Own Terms

Postby Gordon Watson » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:34 am

Bell’s Theorem Refuted Irrefutably on Bell’s Own Terms. 3-pages.

Abstract: Using elementary mathematics, and consistent with claims that we've advanced since 1989, we refute Bell's inequality irrefutably on Bell's own terms. In sum, in Bell 1964: (14b) ≠ (14a).

Yes, I say "irrefutably" because that's the basis of my theory and, more than ever, what I believe.

Critical comments are especially welcome, and on every aspect of the essay. The format arises from my desire to bundle the issues and the arguments very tightly. [I find it helpful.]

Further: every equation and key sentence is numbered to facilitate discussion, correction, improvement, etc.

I expect the essay foreshadowed in the above --- Watson (2018e) --- to be available before month's end.

PS: I would also appreciate pointers to other sites that might provide robust rational discussion on anything to do with Bell's work and his theorem; or where my own arguments might help the cause. Tho I hope to get the best discussion here.

Cheers, for now; Gordon
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