Fermion Masses: Revamped Section on Quark Beta Decay

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Fermion Masses: Revamped Section on Quark Beta Decay

Postby Yablon » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:30 pm

To all:

I just wanted to post a brief update to my draft paper posted earlier at https://jayryablon.files.wordpress.com/ ... s-4.2b.pdf.

I am now in the middle of revamping the discussion of weak beta decay. At https://jayryablon.files.wordpress.com/ ... .3-spf.pdf you will find new versions of sections 16 and 17 segregated from the rest of the paper. When done this will be merged back in. The [ref] are placeholder for references already in the main paper.

The real new meat that nobody has seen before is in section 17 dealing with the details of the mechanism behind weak beta decay, and the role of the Higgs and Z bosons in this decay, in addition to the known role of the W boson. This will also lead to a similar revision for lepton beta decays presently in section 22. Section has a few changes, but mainly to prepare the groundwork for section 17. If you read the first three pages or so of section 17, you will see where I am going with this.

Off for a few days, then back to work nest week.

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