Electron Radius Calculated from Gravity

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Re: Electron Radius Calculated from Gravity

Postby muon200 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:13 am

Muon200 blurted, "I am boycotting string theories. My mind is closed."
That was because ben6993 mentioned a string, Ben 6993 wrote, "I also believe that the preon is a string with structure and hence content."

ben6993 wrote, "I can understand your boycott. Note that my model has up to 24 dimensions, so maybe you won't like that part of my model. I often call my model a lego model but that is because the model is not mathematical yet (I need to make it so), but it is a multidimensional lego model. I think that I need to start a new thread on my model."

muon200 finishes his comment,

I am not boycotting your preon work, I am reading about it. It is nice. I am not reading about string theory because it takes too much time. I have a hundred things to read about so it have decided not to spend hours on another subject, since it seems to be in doubt by people who did read about string theory.
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