Photons are always destroyed at interactions

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Photons are always destroyed at interactions

Postby Ben6993 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 7:10 am

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Fredifizzx wrote:
Photons don't scatter; they are always destroyed and new ones created.
However, the elastic scattering approximation is used all the time.

I have been following that s.p.r thread from its beginning and was beginning to doubt myself!! But I completely agree with your comment.

In my model photons do not scatter; and, further, fermions are always destroyed at interactions. That is because in my model a real fermion has a particular handedness and at an interaction the fermion changes handedness, ie the old particle (say the left handed one) is destroyed and a new particle (the right handed one) is created. In QM, however, the handedness represents an nonphysical particle. I put that down to QM dealing in averages, i.e. mixes of handednesses, whereas my model uses an individual case not an average. My individual case corresponds IMO to a hidden variable which is not accessible to QM's use of averages/superpositions.
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