magnetic origin of leptons and baryons

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magnetic origin of leptons and baryons

Postby fogo57 » Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:32 am

Several top scientists like the late A. Barut proposed magnetic models for the inner interactions in baryons. Apparently Evert Post in 1986 was the first to describe the rest mass of the electron in terms of simple magnetodynamic energies. I am posting this topic to divulgue my work on the magnetic origin of leptons and baryons, which ( independently) follows the lines of Post´s work, but applies to all fermions considered in the analysis.
This work shows that accounting for the zitterbewegung motion of particles as done by Barut the masses of leptons and baryons can be described in terms of their magnetic moments and number of flux quanta trapped in the motion.
Please check the link below. The effect of different spin in decuplet and octet baryons is clearly displayed in the analysis.

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Re: magnetic origin of leptons and baryons

Postby lkcl » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:43 am

Hi Osvaldo, have you seen both Dr Randall Mill's work in which he breaks down particles into electrical and magnetic portions, and successfully applies Maxwell's Equations to solve them and derive magnetic moments and mass values for particles to within a last digit or two of their experimentally-measured values?

Also, just on the other sciphysics forum fredifizzx posted an interesting paper in which he points out that the Torsional energy (equivalent to Helical Orbital Angular Momentum in the field of optics) must be *subtracted* from the balance of energies... I believe Dr Mills successfully works that in, in a different way (that I have yet to identify exactly).

Anyway: it looks like a good correlation to me and I'm grateful to you for posting.
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