Quantum Gravity Theory

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Quantum Gravity Theory

Postby muon200 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:30 am

Executive Summary
Atoms shrink space and grow time. This is gravity.

The elementary particles which make atoms have quantum mechanisms to exchange parts of the space-time continuum to create gravity. Particles shrink space by consuming the closest shell of "spaceframe". All remaining space then moves in a queue of shells to fill the quantum vacancy. Objects far from the atom will move towards the atom because the space has changed. Particles consume space and produce more time as a result. The space-time continuum is conserved as space shrinks and time grows. The new time makes it inevitable for states of the atom to change states.

Space has a new articulation for this theory. At a small scale, space has quantum interactions with atoms using a detail of space which I call a spaceframe. The inverse square law is preserved for gravity by using shells of space to be shrunk by atoms instead of a volume of space, which would give an inverse cube law.

Definition of Spaceframe
A spherically symmetrical shell of space around an atom which is a frame of reference for free-fall at any velocity. Spaceframes are always adjacent to other spaceframes so that they remain conformal during quantum state changes that eliminate a shell. Massive objects are dragged with its spaceframes with no momentum change. An example is gravity dragging a comet by using spaceframe continuity. The thickness of a spaceframe is about 10^-42 meters as a temporary estimate. A spaceframe is a dynamic space with interactions with objects of any velocity and acceleration.

Superposition of Spaceframes
Many atoms of a planet combine their shrinkage of space by the superposition of spaceframes. This creates a total effect for gravity as if it originates at the center of the planet. The quantum consumption of any shell causes the queue of shells to move inward. The total gravity of a planet is from the summation of all spaceframes moving like spherical shells toward the planet.

Discussion of Quantum Functionality of Space
This theory of gravity requires that particles with mass have two functions for space:
1 A quantum mechanism consumes a local spaceframe. This is a small sphere of space that disappears, to be replaced by the next spaceframe in the queue. The transaction produces time for a state change without providing energy.

2 A mass at any velocity or acceleration is at rest relative to a spaceframe and if that spaceframe moves in its queue, the mass moves to the new position without needing a local reactive force, like a rocket.

Physicists are requested to add this quantum gravity to their quantum mechanics for massive particles. Until that cooperation occurs, I will try to do it myself. Past work by other people will be acknowledged if this gravity theory is not proven wrong.
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Re: Quantum Gravity Theory

Postby muon200 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 2:22 pm

Gravity from Particles, continued

The Space-Time Continuum
This is not about energy, it is about the space-time continuum. That continuum is one thing, not four separate dimensions without synthesis. Therefore, a theory may trade off time against space to conserve the continuum while allowing atoms to do their massive gravitational works to move the heavens and earth. Energy is not as basic as the continuum.

Field Theory
It was Issac Newton who first made a field theory. Before that it was only Kepler's Law about a cube and a square. That was not a field theory. Now that quantum gravity is proposed, I invoke field theory to propose a mathematical model of spaceframes in a universe of space. The description includes the way many velocities of masses are increased by spaceframe contraction. Space is contracting as it is absorbed in small pieces inside atoms.

Conservation of Energy
Energy is not as basic as the continuum. The shrinking of space and the growth of time allows energies to flow. The loss of potential energy from a comet as it free falls is "about equal" to its gain of kinetic energy. At the quantum level, time can make a state change inevitable without adding energy from a space shrinkage. And also, time can add energy to drive a state change. That energy must be from a spaceframe shrinkage associated with a falling mass which has "unequal" energy conversion. This may allow experimental verification of this aspect. The evidence would be a kinetic energy that is less than the lost potential energy.

The energy of an atom is measured after a state change. States change for various reasons, not just time. An energy can be input to the atom from outside source and a state chages, with need for time to add energy. That is the most common case on Earth. But an uncommon case is also happening: a state changes inevitably, even without an outside energy source. Time give the energy sometimes andthat cane from a spaceframe consumption. That space consumption took energy from a falling mass. And so the universe winds down, with gravity driving the fusion in the sun. All of the borrowing energy fron gravity give time a special status as an unpredictable driver of sequences of states.

Square Law Justification
The consumption of a quantum unit of space by an atom involved an area, not a volume. The elementary particle shrinks one unit of spaceframe. The space in the particle disappears and that empty state is filled by infalling shells of spaceframe. The field theory allow a spaceframe to be used in calculations of this thoery of gravity.

Vacuum Gravity
The vast empty intergalactic spaces have little gravity. This theory of gravity allows for space to expand relatively and to shrink locally.

Shells of Spaceframe estimated to be 10^-42 Meters Thick
The calculation of the radius of an electron has indicated that size. That is for two masses orbiting each other. But three masses can be used for the calculation, but the same result is expected. For any number of smaller masses the radius is expected to be about the same. Shells of spaceframe will use that size until a better thickness estimate is calculated.

Cumulative Shrinkage of Space
When the universe was younger, less shrinkage had occurred.

Relative Shrinkage of Space
Where the vacuums are very distant from us they seem to be expanding, relative to us. The more distant, the more they seem to be expanding.

Maybe We Are In a Low Density Subverse
In our part of the universe, it is mostly empty space. But far away, beyond 44 billion light years, it may be high density and that seems to make changes from nowhere.

What if it is true?
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Re: Quantum Gravity Theory

Postby muon200 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:29 pm

Propulsion Applications of Quantum Gravity
Now that gravity is understood to be an exchange of the space-time continuum in particles, it is possible to propose a propulsion system. In particular, the elimination of space leaving an empty quantum state could be advantageous. A coherent gravity wave may be propagated by human stimulus of quantum states. Using concepts from the laser and the bipolar transistor, the design has several variations.

The randomization of quantum phenomena is explained by the times at which shrinking spaceframes have propagated at the speed of light. Comets are at random distances from Earth, so the propagation of spaceframe contraction will influence the random way that time quanta are grown in particles. Conversely, non-random propulsive forces may be orchestrated to occur coherently so that a vehicle is pushed and pulled to remain in free fall while space is emptied and filled with quantum states or space.

Similar to the way electrons and holes recombine in semiconductors, spaceframes and state vacancies often recombine. The statistical thermodynamic techniques can be applied to gravity like they applied to other quantum effects that result in macroscopic propulsion. Also, the population inversion techniques that are used in laser cavities can be applied to gravity manipulation. By using very cold materials, the time growth can be driven to contain more energy than is found in nature.
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