Comparing my electrodynamic theory with 5-D Kaluza-Klein

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Comparing my electrodynamic theory with 5-D Kaluza-Klein

Postby Yablon » Mon May 21, 2018 11:29 am

Dear SPF Friends:

Here and in a related discussion at!topic ... icQBlYC0Ms, I uploaded my draft paper at ... er-5-5.pdf on what I have named "hyper-canonical electrodynamics," for review and comment. You may have obtained this same document from Because that paper among other results places the electrodynamic Lorentz motion onto an entirely geometrodynamic footing in four spacetime dimensions alone, I felt it important to compare the way in which I geometrize electrodynamics, to Kaluza-Klein theory which will have its centenary anniversary next year and which is the only other theory that to my knowledge has successfully geometrized electrodynamics, albeit by requiring a fifth dimension which has been a source of other challenges.

While doing so I came to understand that these two theories are not incompatible, and that when one combines certain of their key results together, one can come to understand electromagnetic time dilation as merely another facet of gravitational time dilation and so acquire a deeper understanding of the relation between electromagnetism and gravitation.

So these past two days I assembled this new material into the first draft of a brand new paper at ... on-1-0.pdf which I plan to further develop and submit for peer review as a second paper bundled together with my first paper linked above. I would be happy to hear any comments on this paper, which may also provide the opportunity for us all to have some fun with Kaluza-Klein theory in its own right as well, and to talk about something besides Bell's Theorem. ;)

This new paper may be of use to you in another way as well. My first paper is 120 pages, which includes 20 pages of appendix material, so I fully recognize the time and focus challenge this presents for anyone looking to study and assess this in detail. This new paper is just shy of 12 pages. And by reading this new paper first, then referring to the earlier paper as needed, especially if you are already familiar with Klauza-Klein which will give you some good context, this new paper may give you another "lens" for more-readily assimilating and assessing my longer paper.

Hope all is well for all.

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Re: Comparing my electrodynamic theory with 5-D Kaluza-Klein

Postby lkcl » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:36 pm

yowser - and congratulations jay. the discussion on sci.physics.research seems genuine... and enormous. and fascinating.
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Re: Comparing my electrodynamic theory with 5-D Kaluza-Klein

Postby lkcl » Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:43 am

so this one is absolutely fascinating as well: electro-magnetism can be seen as "amplified gravitational interactions" because the mass has gone multiple times round the kaluza-klein fifth dimension?? awesome!

so i am thinking about that from the perspective of dr mill's theory, which very very specifically goes to some lengths to demonstrate that the photon gets trapped in an infinite loop and is *non-radiating* (*1)

the non-radiating boundary condition is absolutely critical and nobody in the QM field that i have seen even talks about it let alone acknowledges its significance, which is extremely weird.

so a couple of things occur to me in light of the "amplification" effect. the first is: if EM is a circularly-amplified version of gravity, how the hell do we explain diamagnetism and *repulsion* in magnetism?? gravity is supposed to be an attractive force. even magnified it should not be possible to be repulsive... unless we have this arse-about-backwards.

secondly: is it the other way round?? is it that electo-magnetism has been WEAKENED by the circular trip to become gravity?

thirdly: the significance of matter simply being photons trapped on a circular path cannot be underestimated.

fourthly: i can't remember what fourthly was going to be :) oh yes, i remember now. i have a hunch that there might not actually be a fifth dimension (actually it's not so much of a hunch as an analysis of dr mill's work), that instead electrons (and other particles) getting themselves trapped into infinite circular loops and creating spherical current distributions is just... a solution to maxwell's equations. the small size of particles and the looping makes it LOOK like there's a 5th dimension when in fact it's nothing of the kind.

(*1) the accuracy of mill's work to greater than 10dp agreement with experimental measurements of electron mass and magnetic moment is something that requires either an extraordinarily pig-headed attitude to ignore or simply to be far too busy with other things to be able to give it attention.
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